Here is what not to do when renting a car

Renting a car is very common and convenient, especially if you are travelling.  The problem is, the process is not as easy as it seems.  There are so many questions that come to mind when you are thinking about renting out a car.  You have to think about the requirements, insurance, and fuel among other things.  There are several regulations for renting a vehicle that you will have to follow up on. 

Below are some tips to guide you when renting a vehicle

Prepaying for gasoline will save you from the hustle

If you have a time limit, you won’t have the chance to stop for anything otherwise you may be late for you flights or to any other events. You don’t want to risk anything, especially if you are travelling to a meeting, important event, or you are going to the airport. Most car rental dealers may not offer the refuelling option, so you have to prepare beforehand.  When they do, the charge is pretty high and they include the services.

Study the map around the area

It is important to know the infrastructure of the area, you never know when you will need to refuel or have an opportunity for a brake. Checking for a gas station, restaurant or motel is critical. Although most cars nowadays have a digital system with a GPS, it is better to confirm than make assumptions.

You won’t need to buy insurance

You don’t need to purchase an insurance company for your car rental if you already have an insurance coverage for your vehicle. Most insurance companies include rental cars in their policies. Check up with your insurance company to make sure it covers rentals. If you have a full insurance coverage, it is almost always guaranteed.  Your rental car is usually considered your temporary vehicle and replacement hence the extended coverage.

Always check for discounts before you get the car

Travelling organisations and membership programmes like the AAA and AARP usually have reward programmes set up with most car rental dealerships.  If you are in any financial and hobby focused travelling groups, check out for a discount.  You can even find rental companies with several discount deals on holidays or special occasions.

Before you leave the garage, inspect the vehicle

Sometimes, the rental companies may overlook some damages on the vehicle. This is why it is important to inspect the vehicle; you don’t want them to charge you for a pre-existing damage. Ensure you have a staff with you when checking it out. If possible, take pictures of any damages you find for proof.

Be sure you know the rules about crossing borders with a rental vehicle

For some rental companies, you are not allowed to cross international borders with their rental vehicle. Most people make this mistake because they fail to study the guidelines of the rental company.  To make matters worse, most car insurance companies will not cover you when you are not within international borders.  The policies are different depending on the insurance and rental company. If you are planning on crossing international borders, find a rental company that doesn’t have contrasting guidelines.

About the Author: bluezebra737