The best way to find a cheap car rental

Renting a car can be very convenient when travelling, but you don’t want to overpay for just a short trip.  Some car rental dealership will charge you more regardless of the distance and the location you are travelling to.  you don’t have to pay an extra cost, the good thing is; there are several car rental dealerships in any given location. So how do you find the best deals?  The following tips will help you find the best deals and pay less for renting the car.

The first step you should take before renting any vehicle is shop around. You don’t have to walk to the dealership; most car rentals have online websites where you can check out the various rental prices.  Once you are done looking around and you have found the beast deals, you can prepay online. Keep in mind that pre paid rentals cannot be refunded. Some companies offer a booking option where you don’t have to pay in advance. This way, you can make multiple bookings in different companies and cancel them once you find the cheapest deal.

Unpopular rental companies always have the best car rental deals. Instead of going for the big rental businesses, seek out lower rates from the small rental companies. They offer prices as low as 5% lower than deals offered by big rental companies.

Some memberships can help you save money in car rental deals. Memberships to Costco and AAA will help you get the best offers on online car rental deals. You can save up to 8% on a rental and get the added bonus of no charges on an extra driver. The 8% makes a huge difference when it comes to car rentals.  Flying programmes will also help you save a lot on car rentals, just ensure they are not restricted to airport car rentals.

You don’t have to drive a fancy car if you don’t have the money. Economy car offer the best deals when it comes to car rentals.  The thing is, most people opt for economy because they are cheaper, and this makes it highly unlikely to find a car at the last minute. Don’t wait until the travel day to rent a car.  You can book the cheapest, smallest and most affordable car even before the travel date. Ensure you make all the necessary payments to keep the car reserved. Also, make sure the car is big enough for your entire travel crew.

Car rental companies will charge you a fee if you add an extra driver. Most dealers can charge you an outstanding 12 dollars per day when you add an extra driver. Ensure you enquire from the dealerships before you make a purchase, some of them will waiver the fee is the driver is your domestic partner or spouse as long as they have a similar address to yours on their driver’s license.

Finally, don’t take the extras options. Most dealers will charge you an extra fee on insurance, radio or satellite, roadside assistance, navigations and the fuel service options. Research ahead of time to ensure you are getting all the deals you signed up for.

About the Author: bluezebra737